Use this to manually test each motor and servo you have to make sure they are all working.
            Useful for debugging problems and in the pits at tournaments.

            MotorTestV4.c (RobotC 3.62) - supports continuous servos.
            MotorTestV3.c (RobotC 3.62) - displays DC motor encoder values on NXT display.
            MotorTestV2.c (RobotC 3.62)


        Replace "waitForStart()" calls with "waitForStartOrButton()" calls from this code.
        This allows you to manually bypass the start signal by hitting the orange NXT button, so 
            you can manually test your actual autonomous or teleop code with no FCS.

            WaitForStartOrButtonV3.c (RobotC 3.62)
            WaitForStartOrButtonV2.c (RobotC 3.62)

Joystick and Comm Link NXT Test Code

        These programs perform a full test of joystick/game controller functionality for 1 or 2 controllers.
        Includes all 12 buttons, all 8 top hat positions, and both sticks.
        Also tests down-time in the comm link and reports worst case.
        Useful for verifying FCS and joystick functionality before a scrimmage or tournament.

            Joy1CommTest.c (RobotC 3.62)        Joy1CommTest.rxe (compiled with RobotC 3.62)
            Joy2CommTest.c (RobotC 3.62)        Joy2CommTest.rxe (compiled with RobotC 3.62)